Best Shopify SEO Guide to Rank#1 in 2022

Do you need a bit of guidance to improve your Shopify SEO? Want to increase traffic & earn more sales?

Competition online is fierce and having an amazing online store is your only your first step.

Partnering with the correct ecommerce platform for your business is an important decision, as we all want to rank higher in search engine rankings because if you achieve this you traffic increases to your ecommerce store.

Most online stores are looking to capitalize on the power of the internet to attract new customers.

Unfortunately, basic SEO optimization for search engines, like Google, isn’t always enough.

So, it’s important to know how to optimize your Shopify site for SEO the best you can, especially as you’re selling products.

This post will show you how to put together a solid Shopify SEO guide that will help your ecommerce store rank higher in search engine results.

Optimize Shopify Website

How you structure a website and its content is the corner stone of SEO good practices, when a site is easy to navigate & understand customers will inevitably spend more time on a site looking over other products.

Is your site easy to navigate?

Keep your categories & sub categories nice and simple this will help search engines when crawling your site which in turn will help your products to rank easier in search engine rankings.

A great home & about us pages are quite obvious & simple tasks to achieve, remember your contact details should nice and clear, easy to understand.

Same with your footer it should contain your terms & conditions privacy for GDPR your returns policy, this not only conveys trust with search engines it conveys trust with your potential customers. 

Ensure User experience is your number 1 priority

The user experience (UX) is the foundation of any website, app, or other user experience.

Users are human, and they are susceptible to cognitive biases, giving them the ability to make erroneous decisions about the site they are using.

Even developers are susceptible to cognitive biases, With the increased attention on user experience, it is more important than ever to ensure that you are providing a rich, well-designed experience to your customer.

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Keyword Research

When you’re starting a Shopify store, it’s important to know what type of products and services your customers are searching for.

A competitor analysis will help in this regard to map out not only what your customers are looking for when they are buying but also what they are searching for before that make that all important purchasing decision.

Shopify product pages optimization

  • Meta tags for products
  • Image optimization
  • Image product descriptions

Do not use wholesale descriptions chances are your suppliers if selling retail as well as wholesale will be far ahead in terms of speed to market so makes your unique as you possibly can.

Optimize your images without sacrificing on the quality of them this will help with page speed & page stability.

Ensure product descriptions are exact and not miss leading as people will search more and more with images in the coming years.

Try to build links to your store

We do not think linking to your suppliers is a great idea unless they do not sell retail if that is the case then yes by all means do it to convey trust.

You should be looking for your own links as local as you possible can.

Increase traffic with content marketing

Let’s dig into why content marketing is important to your online store’s success.

There are only so many keywords you can get on a page with product descriptions and these are transactional search terms.

In order to drive traffic and to rank for a wider audience, you need to rank for different search intent.

helping your potential customers with great content will not only drive traffic to your store it builds your brands trust in your area of expertise.

Utilize Shopify SEO tools

  • AVADA SEO is an image optimizer
  • SEO Booster Image Compression 5GB of Image Storage p/month, Keyword, Google Sitemap Management
  • Nada – Out-of-Stock Products-app
  • SEO Manager SEO scan, meta content tools, keyword suggestions, Google search console connection, search analytics
  • SEO Image Optimizer
  • Plug in SEO Optimizer
  • AMP by Ampify Me
  • Image SEO

You can find all of the SEO tools in the Shopify App store choose wisely as this is where the costs of Shopify along with other features can start to add up and become very costly.

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