Seo2rankings Take On Best WordPress Themes For 2022

We’ve created this guide that will help you make an informed decision about what kind of WordPress Themes are best for your site & what to take in to account before you make that all important purchase.

We’ll cover some basic questions like why it’s important to purchase premium themes instead of free ones,

as well as more advanced topics like how to evaluate the code quality in a theme and how much time should I spend looking at reviews when choosing a theme?

It’s painful to see your website visitors leave before converting because your site is too slow. We’ve seen it time and again with our clients who use outdated WordPress themes with no support for their sites.

Though we have also seen so called Custom websites that sadly fall in this category as well.

Badly Optimized Websites Lead To High Bounce Rates

Some of the most popular themes out there today are often over 100MB in size, you can X this by 5 once you have put certain websites live.

This is a problem because it not only slows down your website, but also increases page load times for users.

In fact, according to Kiss metrics, “The average webpage now takes more than 7 seconds to fully load! That’s up from 5.5 seconds just last year.”

You need to be under 3 seconds load times to be in the top tiers of websites many have their mobile optimization tight and have speeds down to 1.5 seconds for both desktop & mobile.

Our team can attest here there is now many awesome WordPress themes which are incredibly lightweight, that won’t slow down your site or make visitors wait longer to see your content.

With this type of theme, you’ll enjoy faster loading speeds and improved conversions on all devices without sacrificing style or design quality.

 Considerations For Your WordPress Theme

Before choosing a template or theme which ever you want to call it, you should check that it will be packed with all the latest features fast-loading design, cart abonnement, leading cyber security features, great workable CMS.

You’ll be able to sell more products or services by making sure every visitor can quickly find what they’re looking for on your site, without having to wait around for it load up in front of them.

Choosing a WordPress theme for your website can be daunting. There are so many themes to choose from and they all have different features, layouts, and designs.

You should know many seem to have lost the idea of what WordPress is jumping up and down saying which of these themes are best!

WordPress was not built like this, that mind set is a closed mind set.

The more experienced & mature developers in WordPress clearly state there is no one size option fits all, though one thing you can state, there is nothing nearly you cannot do in WordPress with the community as big as it is.

You need to consider the code quality and support of the vendor before deciding on a theme. With WordPress being open source, this is not a problem regardless of what the snake oil men out their try to say!

You can not only check the code you can build on top of it giving you and your team not only a jump start, but a worldwide recourse of developers & designers which are bigger than any other web community worldwide hands down!

A Few Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Decide Which WordPress Theme To Choose

  1. What is your experience with WordPress Themes?
  2. Is your WordPress theme easy to set up?
  3. Does it work well with other plugins?
  4. Will the vendor help if there are bugs or issues after purchase?
  5. How long does it take for them to respond when you need support?
  6. Is it hard finding answers before making a purchase?
  7. Is Finding the right information on the internet hard?
  8. What are the loading times once your site live?
  9. How secure is the backend?
  10. What extra security is needed?

WordPress The Biggest & Arguably The Best Web Community In The World

WordPress is the most popular website builder out there, which makes it the perfect solution for the small business owner.

Not only is it easy to use, it is versatile and affordable.

WordPress can be used for everything from a personal blog to an e-commerce site, and it is the foundation for many of the most popular websites on the internet.

As a business owner, you can benefit from WordPress in many ways.

Here are just a few examples of WP Themes & thrown in an editor for good measure, do not shoot the messenger we know there are heaps more great themes in the market, though I’d be here till the end of my life writing about the good the bad & the ugly!

Kadence Themes

Kadence is a fully responsive multipurpose WordPress Theme suitable for any type of website: Business, Corporate, Personal, Blog, Magazine, News, Agency, etc.

Kadence is also compatible with WooCommerce and a whole lot more, so you can easily create a shop with a variety of features. With no coding skills required, you can easily create a beautiful and functional website for your business.

Rapid loading times with even a free option that is quite frankly better than some paid themes out there!

Kadence is fast becoming a firm favorite among the WordPress Community and with their team offering life time deals- LTD, with such a great offering these guys could really gain some traction.

Ps many are suggestion the Kadence team have built one of the quicker WordPress Themes you can possibly choose!

With super clean code and impressive features all around this team have created an exciting WP Theme for sure.

Elementor WordPress

Elementor is not only a page builder for WordPress, you can also purchase themes, which allows you to build a page quickly and without much effort, by adding elements to the page.

From a single-column blog to a complex e-commerce store, from both free and paid templates.

Customer support seems to be an issue of late that said they have grown so big they should be able to work through these issues in a fairly prompt manner.

On WordPress price point here, for Elementor it is yearly subscriptions! Which can be a bug bearer for some as there as so many great options on LTD-life time deals with many WordPress Themes.

So that choice will come down to you & what suits your circumstances best.

Oxygen WordPress

Oxygen WordPress is a multipurpose theme with a clean, modern and minimalist design. Oxygen themes are also very easy to use and fully responsive.

It is fully packed with useful features such as custom widgets, Mega menu and many others.

Some say this is one the quickest loading times of any website you can build! & They have an LTD/Life time deal on their site so worth checking out for sure!

Many WordPress Web Designers are raving about Oxygen quality as well.

WordPress Theme Divi

Divi as the name suggests is the ultimate WordPress theme for creating a fully-functioning website. It’s an all-in-one theme that allows you to create your website with the most advanced drag and drop builder technology.

With Divi, you can create a website with a fully unique design that’s ready for mobile and desktop in no time.

Allot of customization can happen with this theme, novices seem to struggle here compared to the experienced WordPress Designers etc.

Divi Pricing

Life time deals are always welcome to design Agencies, to try and keep over heads down and even more so when the product on offer is very good.

So, if you like Divi WordPress check out their site it’s an Elegant themes product, I think they are still running the LTD as of writing this.

WordPress Gutenberg

Gutenberg is a newish editor for WordPress that can be used to create rich text content and is available as a WordPress plugin.


It introduces Gutenberg blocks, which are basically predefined building blocks of content that can be used to create rich text content.

The blocks are created by a variety of developers which makes the blocks flexible and a great innovation for the WordPress community.

Astra Elegant WP Theme

Astra 3.0 is a brand-new responsive theme with a lot of features. It is designed for businesses, agencies, freelancers and bloggers to promote their business or service online such as corporate, e-commerce, portfolio, blog, software, app, landing page.

Is Astra the quickest loading WordPress Theme out there?

A big hit within the WP community as it the code is clean and everything works allot better than most WP themes out there.

Xtheme Theme Forest

XTheme is a unique and versatile WordPress theme that has been optimized for SEO, PPC, and Conversion Rate Optimization.

It has a fully responsive design and an unlimited color customization feature.

Theme Forest have quite a large depositary which is growing year on year, so have many choices that carter to all industries.

Generate Press

Is a free and premium WordPress theme for building beautiful blogs and niche sites. It comes with a drag-and-drop page builder, which allows you to create complex layouts with ease.

It’s fast, mobile-ready and SEO friendly. It’s also WPML compatible, so you can build multilingual sites with it.

Ocean WP

Ocean WP is a WordPress Blogging Theme for professionals, creatives, bloggers, writers, businessmen, and corporate companies.

It’s a fully responsive theme with clean, elegant design and powerful features. 

It’s clean, professional and dynamic design offers more than 300+ unique combinations to choose from.

It’s ultra-responsive design with clean code structure is compatible with major mobile devices, Google/Bing mobile-friendly test, and tons of useful short codes.

It’s a powerful theme with unlimited color & style options. With live preview, you can easily customize the theme to best fit your website.

It’s a firm favorite among many design firms the world over.

Bricks Builder Theme For WordPress

Bricks builder is a drag and drop WordPress Theme that allows you to build your WordPress site without knowing how to code.

This Theme has been designed with speed in mind and is based on Vue.js 3 framework and is fully compatible with Gutenberg blocks & it has been designed with the idea to empower you to build your site without having to learn HTML and CSS like most WordPress Themes.

So, no lifetime pricing as such where you can build unlimited sites, though with the top plan at $149 you can build up to 1000 websites with no recurring fees the number of sites is a lifetime price.

Conclusion certain themes are built pacifically for certain segments getting this correct is important, with your correct theme chosen.

You will reach your goals with metrics such as optimal speed, UX/UI, and your site will perform the functions that is needed for your business’s requirements.

Allot then boils down to taste and in a targeted way what works in your target market, how you perceive your brand identity and so on!

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