Content Marketing Strategy Tips

Content marketing is probably the most popular way to market your brand these days.

The idea behind content marketing is to improve your business by creating, distributing and sharing information, which helps your prospects and customers to make decisions.

Content Marketing Still King? It Always Has Been

Not sure how many times that has been written, though it still rings true to this very day.

Content marketing is one of the best skills & most sought after for all business who relies on their online presence, as it helps build brand awareness among many of the other great benefits.

Does Your Content Marketing Strategy Do The Job it is Intended to?

If the content you are publishing is not moving the needle as it should, you need to take a step back & define your goals with a documented strategy.

Only around 34% of marketers use a documented strategy.

These tend to be the more successful within the industry so by applying the same techniques even if on a small scale,

let’s say you own a 1–5-person size of business you can replicate this success for your own online marketing.

Creating a documented content marketing strategy will help you to keep everything organized.

From allocation of recourses right through to the distribution of your marketing material, so here is run through of how to keep yourself on track.

Content Marketing Strategy (Ten Tips)

1-Content marketing budget

Content marketing is a method of generating leads and helping build a brand, but it is also a process that takes time and resources.

In order to get the most out of your content marketing effort, you need to set a budget, develop a plan, and start executing.


It’s not enough to have great content on your site, you need to foster an environment where your content can thrive, content marketing goals you should set for yourself & your business.

Use marketing effectively to drive sales and convert leads into clients, content marketing will also help your business to build Authority in your niche.

  • Lead generation
  • Brand awareness
  • Increased engagement
  • Sales
  • Improved R.O.I.
  • Build Authority
  • Reduce dependence on PPC


The sheer amount of content published on the internet these days is staggering, and requires a strategy to reach the audience that will provide the greatest return.

Rember it’s important to measure the results so you know what’s working and what isn’t.

These metrics can be used to measure the success of your marketing efforts.

  • Revenue targets
  • Signups
  • New e-Mail subscribers
  • Increased SEO ranking
  • Mention’s, shares, of pillar content
  • Tracking marketing spend
  • Customer acquisition
  • Much more

4-Define Your Target Audience

The best way to get your message heard is to get the right audience. But, despite this, there are still many people who get stuck thinking how will they reach their target audience without having a clear strategy in their minds.

Content Marketing

You need to define your target audience, but that doesn’t mean you need to be vague.

If you’re asking, what’s the best way to drive traffic to your site, you’re asking the wrong question.

It should be who are they? how old are they? what do my audience work in? etc.

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Education
  • Work industry

5-Content Analysis

Content marketing is no longer an exclusive term for blogs and websites alone.

It has become an emerging trend of marketing that has gained traction over the past decade or so.

Content Analysis as with any forms of your lead generations is important on-going work to help you seek out any advantage you can.

6-Content Strategy

Content marketing is a strategy that focuses on generating and distributing valuable and relevant content to attract and retain new and existing customers and fans.

This strategy, which has evolved from traditional marketing, is an integral part of many marketing and branding efforts.

Analyze your competitors to help define which channels would most suit your content & be as authentic as you possible can as this always shines through.   


Content marketing is one the best ways to engage with new and existing customers, and with the right strategy, it can be the secret to your business’ success.

We’ve seen content marketing used to great effect!

From branded content to blogs, podcasts to twitter chats, newsletters, vlogs news.

It’s all about engaging users with the right content to drive leads, traffic, and engagement for your business.

8-Content Calander

Like any campaign having a document to work from, at each stage will keep everything in check and not feel as though things are being rushed.

9-Remarket & Continuation of Distribution

You can easily refresh old content and repurpose & update if the facts have changed, and stats will have as an example in nearly every industry.

10-Analytics of Campaign & Measure with KPIs Set

Every campaign has targets and aims once your campaign is at completion measure the goals you set out in your KPIs see what worked and double down on that.

Likewise, analysis what has not worked so well, and set about seeing what you could have done differently and go ahead and implement those new ideas.


There as so many tools out there now which help you to post content across multiple platforms, as well as showing the matches your content could earn backlinks to even.  

With a great checklist in hand to work from, a documented strategy & Content Callander the mammoth task of content management, content distribution, content marketing slowly streamlines into a very manageable solution for your business to leverage.

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