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Table of contents  

  1. Intro  
  1. Five ecommerce SEO Tips 
  • Google set up & HTML site map 
  • Responsive Ecommerce store 
  • Ecommerce Product Description 
  • Update Deleted inventory 
  • Know what options are available for ecommerce stores 

    3.Content Marketing


  1. Intro 

Today, ecommerce websites are increasingly becoming popular.  

Every day more and more people are searching for products online.  

According to the most recent data, this year alone there is expected to be 2.14 billion people shopping online. 

Now the exciting part there is meant to be no more than 22-25 million online stores, some data sources state the number is lower than 20 million.  

Retail managers & ecommerce store owners understand if you are able to rank high on Google for your chosen keywords it can be crucial to the success of your ecommerce website.  

Getting a high search engine ranking is easier said than done, especially if you don’t have your own unique brand.  

However, you can easily improve your ranking through a smart SEO campaign, making sure your website is properly set up with all the tips we will provide you in this blog. 


When it comes to user experience, the last thing you want to do is compromise.  

Too often a website or a mobile app will try to squeeze more features into a limited space, which means a good experience may be sacrificed in favor of fancy extras that will do more harm than good.  

But an overlooked detail can have a significant impact on the user’s experience. 


Five Ecommerce SEO tips

  • Google set up & HTML site map 


Always start with the basics first so ensure your store is set up to Google with search console & Google analytics. Once your site is set and you have all your On-Page SEO complete set your HTML sitemap XML site map you will be surprised how many site owners do complete this basic task. 

You want to convey trust on the internet so ensure all of your information such as contact details how to contact you.  

Detail your stores return policy having all this information readily available for your customers will earn trust more readily. 


  • Responsive Ecommerce store 

You have made sure your website reflects the brand you are looking to build so what do you keep an eye on? 

Make sure page stability is always the best it can be keep your developers on their toes to ensure your ecommerce store is as or more responsive than your competitors. Continually monitor % of transactions your stores bounce rate & cart abandonment.  

  • Ecommerce Product Descriptions  

If you are a wholesaler you will want to make sure you get your product descriptions indexed before your many retailers get publishing & indexed. 

If on the other side like most % of ecommerce store owners, do not use the generic product descriptions supplied from manufactures as they are just a guide for you to use and if you do use them, you will never rank at the top of any search engine. 

  • Update Deleted inventory 

Always ensure you follow 301 redirect best practice allot of industries 404s are manageable though it always best for user experience to redirect to similar products. 

  • Know what options are available for ecommerce stores 

Well, there is so many options in today’s age of the internet first up we will go with what we think is the best option in 9/10 situations which is WordPress & WooCommerce it has come on leaps and bounds and is arguably the best option for nearly any online business you can imagine. 

Shopify while it is far more expensive in the long run you do not need the same level of expertise to set up a Shopify store or maintain the site in the long run hence the higher fees. 

Drupal use to be the go-to option for very large and complex online stores not so much anymore though many still view Drupal as there go to CMS when building ecommerce stores online.  

3.Content Marketing  

  • Is one the best long-term strategies you can use in SEO for your ecommerce store with huge long-term benefits 
  • Brand Recognition 
  • Instant Feed Back for Products 
  • Engage Users with great content & make the advocates of your brand 



Always work through all your basic SEO tasks first this will give your ecommerce store more chance in being visible to users you are looking to convert in the search engines. 

By having your store set up the best it can be you can then concentrate on the tougher part of SEO and aim to rank in them all important first pages for your main keywords. 

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