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SEO 2 Ranking FAQs

SEO-Search engine optimization is broken in to three categories On-Page SEO, Technical SEO, Off-Page SEO.

On-Page SEO deals with H1, Meta descriptions, Schema markup, alt text, internal linking and the more complex task of optimizing for keywords.

Technical SEO work is core web vitals reducing Java, CSS scripts etc. and much more.

Off-Page SEO is the task of building backlinks primarily in the hope to increase your online domain reputation.

Content marketing is the nuts and bolts of a great website get this right with your SEO strategy and your CRO, your website will covert much higher than the competition which is the aim of all business women and men the world over.

It is the core of your Of-Page plan with other elements to align everything and with all the new updates in the search algorithms the links that you build to your website need to be fully integrated with know how or they do way more damage than good with Google policy in this regard.

This answer always feels like how long is a piece of string we can all jump on and get a free report in seconds! we can give you one? A full audit of any company has many component’s landing pages, Analytics, Social, Backlinks fully checked manually not by machine once this process in completed then we have a full audit ready for a small business in 12 hours medium 24-48 hours for a very large complex business who could easily have more landing pages than many businesses have on their website 48-72 hours.

Off-Page SEO takes place when links from other web sites and blogs are used to enhance the ranking of a website.  

It is a practice in which website owners encourage other people to provide links to their content.  

It is a way of promoting sites and attracting visitors.

An important part of SEO is increasing the number of pages that link to your website.  

You can do this by promoting the value of your content on your website.  

This strategy is called off-Page SEO.

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