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Guide to Website Redesign

Are you thinking of redesigning a website?

We will guide you to website redesign and a few pointers to see if you need or want to.

It is a big decision granted, though if the data shows it is the correct choice you should get it as soon as time or funds allow.

This could not be more applicable for us to update, as SEOs are always looking to find content that is relevant to update & not just for the sake of it!

We wrote this as a short article just for social and here we are 5-6 months later going through the website Re Design process ourselves.

Redesign 3.0 websites most certainly are like living creatures of the internet!

Things to consider when designing your website or redesigning.

The power of a well-designed website can be seen in how it enhances your company’s image and reputation.

This is why updating or redesigning an outdated website will bring new life to your brand, increase customer engagement, improve SEO rankings for increased traffic flow into the business.

So, what was the main reason for the redesign of our website? Well for me it is always a business decision, secondly even though I love animation it seems everybody is doing it and fads die!

The most important reason though is we have data to suggest certain sectors are already seeing a decline in conversion rates with websites similar to ours pre-Re Design and at rapid rates!

We have kept a little bit of animation in the design where we think it fits.

9 tips for re designing your website

1. Why update or redesign?  

Your business needs to stay up-to-date with new technologies, and increase search engine friendliness.

2. What is a website redesign?

It is when a company decides to upgrade its web presence, no different to taking care of your home with renovations otherwise it falls into disrepair due to technological advances in the internet/online sector.

3. How do you know if your website needs to be redesigned?

The competition is getting ahead, issues with loading times, outdated code, lowering of R.O.I. outdated technology etc.

4. What are the benefits of a website redesign?

The necessity of a well-designed website in modern times becomes more apparent every single day, and those that have left it too late have fallen victim of the internet age with the entire brick and mortar sector shifting online. The investment in your online presence is imperative to survive in business in 2021.

5. Who should consider a website redesign?

Companies who have not freshened up within the last 12- 24 months with the competitive nature of business as it is! Meaning if you have not freshened up in a while, it’s time to get a shift on as you would not let your car go so long without a service.  


With medium to large size companies having in-house web design & development and in-house Seo departments, it is imperative for S.M.E businesses to compete with fresh and new design every one to two years. This will help keep your web presence up to date and fresh with new and relevant content and goes along way for S.M.E to keep their market share.

6. What does it cost to have a new site designed and built?

Cost varies on which ever CRM system that you choose with- prices starting at £250-£500 per page, and can go much higher than this is if we are talking custom wire frame websites.

7. How long does it take for a new or redesigned website to go live after I’ve signed off on the design and content changes?

Once signed off and fully tested within 1 hour!

8. When should I start planning my next website freshen up or redesign?

This all depends on the niche and size of the market you are in; small websites can freshen up once a year if they have kept on top of all maintenance issues and have planned an integrated SEO Strategy.

Medium to large corporation’s work on design daily, weekly, monthly as it is an always on-going process and how they keep the market share they do.

9.Why is it so important for revamping our online presence?

You would not let your house fall into disrepair or your shop!

Your website is the new shop of the digital age, we have all watch the last 10+ years unfold & Covid has only hastened this process even faster than before those that do not keep on top of this will fall by the way side just as brick-and-mortar retail has!

We hope this information gives you some food for thought and helps you keep abreast of the importance of your web presence as your business moves forward.


To do a full website redesign in our first year, with all the goings on in a startup, has kept us busy and on our toes for sure.

Now the new redesign is complete, feel free to let us know what you think.  

Hopefully our team will agree it is only tweaks for a while now at least. All the best from the team at Seo 2 Ranking

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