Every single website in the world needs to promote their website to gain search engine traffic and there are a multitude of ways of doing so across the internet. 

We will drill down what steps to take first, which will show you how to get traffic to your website, then the next steps as you go through each part of the process in building your internet presence for your business. 

First ten things to increase website traffic

  • First GMB- Google My Business & get plugged in to Google Search console it is always your first job for your website, ready to go live 
  • Set up your Google Analytics at first if traffic is slow, you will think why bother though it will soon become apparent how great the tool is   
  • Utilize GMB 3-pack, google citations post daily weekly etc. 
  • SEO On-Page Optimization will ensure your Meta & H1s are sending the rite signals to Googles crawler  


  • Listings such as Pinterest, YP will run through them further down 
  • Social marketing, make sure to get active even if on a budget it will build your traffic as well as your brand recognition, with social arguably being the main driver of brand engagement 
  • Blogging if applicable some industries suit more and some less.  
  • Search engine marketing the long-term driver of long-term internet search traffic 
  • Reviews hugely important if established if new can be tricky this.  
  • Referral traffic if in the rite industry guest blog if you can, Banner ads are great if targeted correctly and can be quite cheap compared to other PPC methods.  


Online shopping

Ecommerce advantages over brick & mortar 


Our team at Seo2ranking your Local SEO Agency in West London are continually advocating to local businesses that SEO is long term strategy in fact the best long-term investment for your Digital Marketing needs.  

SEO is important for any business and a necessity for ecommerce business with event of Covid the rush online has never been greater.  

We all know how important it is to have a good and well optimized website,  

but it’s also important to have a good presence that is also fully optimized on all the different online platforms. 

And while the main focus of SEO is optimizing your website to be good for the search engines, there are many other things you need to take into account. 

You should monitor all of your online content while also running tests with con current A/B split testing on main website pages, landing pages, your outreach email marketing campaigns, social pages, product launches etc. 

This data is a gold mine to all businesses and once utilized correctly, your organization can dial in plans for far better outcomes for your business road map as you move through the verticals. 





Just like the landscape in SEO has changed so has online listings/business directories that take many forms, some you can cold outreach directly B2B some are as old school as the yellow pages themselves who are now modernized. 

Even within different sectors some listing sites act as direct sales channels for businesses such as Just Eat which I do not think many would think of as a business directory!  

Though would you not want listed in Lonely Planet? If you were a hotel or if you want to be one the busiest burger joints in West London.  

So along with all your other online efforts if you are a burger extraordinaire, you are probably going to want to be on Just Eat as an example, that is why we have some slightly different options on our list.   

Before we get to the list, it has to be said with everything, online or not you need to promote your services & products for your business to as wide an audience as possible. 


Business directories are changing

Directories list

Great business directory to list and other options 


  • Yellow Pages straight in with the granddaddy of UK business directories, seriously put in yellow then pause in any search engine and it dominates! The power of YT  
  • Lonely Planet Ok so you cannot just list they do have an advertising section though you will need to research thins and listing is down to the editorial team heck if you have a cool hotel, Hostel, travel related business you would be hard pressed to be listed anywhere better 
  • Just Eat yes you sell here so technically not just a listing site, though for us looking in it does two jobs in one you are listed in a huge application to sell on as well as getting usual listing referral traffic a win win situation    
  • Bing who has been collaborating with google, you can use Bing to list as well as use their webmaster tools. You can import you GMB right from console real fast & are working on rolling out lots of new features 


  • LinkedIn again a platform which is more than just a place to list your business you can post top funnel content; you can advertise direct & also able to cold outreach in a sensible manner arguably the number one B2B platform in the world  


  • Pinterest has become the go to place for design inspiration and it really suit a whole host of business from florist to fashion and beyond. You can huge exposure on the Pinterest platform with it now far exceeding 400 million active users & fast getting close to the 500 million mark! 


  • Yelp mega and I mean mega, traffic numbers of nearly 180 million unique users across desktop and mobile every single month get on there! That is what they are there for to help drive traffic to your website 


  • PPC has a multitude of avenue in the modern era the social platforms being the obvious example though you can geo & demographically whittle this down to online local publications in your city, state county etc.  


  • Email marketing is still a great avenue to let the world know what your company is about. Do not spam some say once a week is ok, I think once a month is fine myself. Heaps of options to choose from such as Mailchimp, Mailer lite etc. For cold outreach look at Limlist as one example.  





The opportunity to sell your services or products online are endless self-builders, WordPress, Drupal Joomla, custom built websites, eBay, Amazon, BigCommerce, Shopify.  

Yes, it is hard work though like anything you reap what you sow! 

We have already talked and wrote about brick-and-mortar hastened demise with covid playing a shoving hand! 

London has always been at the forefront of world business and SEO is no exception.  

The best SEO Agencies are based rite here in this capital London UK and businesses should take full advantage of this fact to keep ahead of a fast-changing SEO world. 

Grab a SEO Quote off Seo2Ranking if you want to see a website traffic increase.  


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