Important Factors of Keyword Research 

One of the largest mistakes a starter website owner or internet marketer can make is not to do complete keyword research before starting a website or any online business.  

Simply badly researched and chosen keywords can ruin the whole project.  

There are many factors that must be checked whenever keyword research is carried out.  

In this article I would like to show you the most important factor you should check whenever you do keyword research. 

Many people concentrate on only the number of searches for a certain keyword. They think, the more searches a keyword has the better. Yes, that is true, but what about the competition and keyword difficulty?  

I mean what if a keyword has hundreds of thousands of searches, but also millions of websites are highly optimized for that exact keyword?  

Do you think you have the chance to be better than your competitors?  

Do you think you can beat websites with high page rank, thousands of high-quality backlinks gained over years and aged domains?  

Chasing the wrong Keywords can be costly

I do not think so unless you have got a lot of time and money to invest in your project. 

So, what type of keywords are a good solution? You have to find keywords and long tail keywords that are searched enough, but it is not over-used.  

Searches are important since you will not have traffic if just some searches are made per a month, but this does not mean that a lower searched keyword cannot be profitable. 

The other factor is to find a keyword that is not over-used. You have to find keywords with low competition. You can simply do it by inserting the keyword into Google and see how many websites come up.  

The more, the worse. You can get more accurate results if you use a Google operator allintitle. This will show you the number of websites that have the keyword in their title. The less, the better. 

In my point of view, if you are thinking about SEO and internet marketing seriously it is a really good decision to invest in keyword research software. These tools can tell you exactly which keywords are optimal for you and profitable. 

Just like in real estate, location is the most important factor in a website’s success. “Location” here refers to a website’s rank in the search engine results pages, not a physical location.  

The goal of search engine optimization is to get to the top of search engine results pages and it is a complex endeavor. One of the most important factors in search engine optimization is the use of keywords. It is important to determine the keywords to be used on the site’s pages before any content is produced. 

The Importance of Keywords for Search Engine Optimization 

  • Keywords are not the only thing to consider when it comes to search engine optimization, but as they provide insight into what people want, they should definitely be kept in mind. Keyword analysis is not about trying to trick search engines, it is about how a website’s content is focused to meet the demands of its users. 
  • To focus the content, it will necessary to find out what users are demanding. Search engine queries and the keywords used within them show the searcher’s intent; keywords are used to articulate a searcher’s demand. Different searchers will want different things so content must therefore be created with different potential intents in mind. 
  • Longer and more detailed keywords are called “long tail” keywords. These are where the customer’s demand is specific and more precisely articulated. Long tail keywords allow content to be tailored very specifically to the customers’ needs. This means that search engines are more likely to give a higher rank to a website that uses those keywords; it also means that potential customers are more likely to find what they want on the site and convert to paying customers. 

What is a “Good Keyword for Search Engine Optimization?” 
A good keyword will be one with a high search volume; this means that there are a lot of people who are searching for it.  

A higher volume of searchers means that it will be possible to draw in a significant number of visitors to the website using that keyword, which is an essential part of making the website profitable. Search volume is not the only thing to be considered here, however; competition is also important.  

Since there are a lot of people searching with that particular keyword, there will probably be a lot of other websites using it as well. More competition means that it will be more difficult to rise to the top of the results pages. 

Conducting Keyword Research for Search Engine Optimization 
There are many tools designed for keyword analysis and they vary when it comes to user-friendliness.  

Among the most widely used is Google’s AdWords Keyword Research Tool keyword planner.  

It can provide keywords to consider based on certain phrases, and it shows how many searches are conducted globally and locally for a particular phrase.  

The tool will also provide an estimate of how difficult it will be to get to the top of the search engine results pages for a particular keyword. 

Benefits of Keyword Analysis for Search Engine Optimization 

  • Keyword analysis can show markets that have yet to be tapped by competitors. This means that it is possible for a website to rank highly in those markets with little or no competition. 
  • Spotting trends early on is another factor that can make a website more competitive. Knowing what the market will want ahead of time can provide an advantage over the competition. 
  • Keywords can provide information on what competing websites are doing to be successful. This information can be used to imitate them and implement similar strategies. 

We hope this article helps when you are next planning your keywords for your SEO campaign.  

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