The arena of digital marketing is endless & always offering more opportunity for businesses to grow.

With such variety and a multitude of channels in this article we will focus on SEO-search engine optimization Vs pay-per-click-PPC which the industry now defines as search engine marketing.

Everybody in marketing utilizes both digital marketing strategies for organic traffic and paid traffic.  

Every strategy has advantages and disadvantages, SEO & PPC have already proven to be far more effective than traditional channels of marketing.

So, where should we invest our marketing budget more, I can hear you ask?

Well without going all political speak and sitting on the fence let’s get to it & see which will benefit your business most SEO services or PPC advertising.

We have touched on SEO & PPC being different though in essence they are both internet traffic, the industry used to define search engine marketing as both SEO & PPC, now it is the latter that we define as search engine marketing.

The difference Between SEO and PPC advertising

With PPC you are paying for display paid ads on search engines to be displayed at the very top of SERPS for your given keyword phrases.

When you embark on a SEO campaign it is to bring organic traffic to your website and the aim is to rank as many keywords as high as you can.

If you are a UK business you should avail yourself of SEO services in the UK to greatly enhance your organic online presence.

With a solid SEO framework implemented your SEO strategy will not only bring more traffic it will improve the quality of inbound leads.

Always try your very best to create great content for your blog post and articles.

Search engines are highly sophisticated now with user search intent being king!

Knowing & understanding your target audience will help you to create valuable content packed with information that matches what users are looking for on the different search engines.

The major difference is time! PPC is a here & now you paid to be displayed at the top of SERPS and is the quickest route   to market when launching a new product or service.

SEO is time consuming and the longer approach to establish your website online, that said SEO services is the best long-term solution to improve your online presence and rankings.

Pros & cons of PPC and SEO

SEO and PPC advertising will both give you good returns on your investment from your marketing budgets and both will boost sales for your business for sure.

Let’s take a run through the pros and cons of both strategies.

SEO Pros

PRO-1-Increaase Online Visibility

SEO will raise your brand’s online visibility through creating engaging content that matches search intent, your site will increase its SEO rankings making your business far easier to find higher up the SERPS in search engines such as Bing, Google etc.

PRO-2 Building Trust

The click through being at the top of SERPS compared to being on page 3 is massive for all businesses, by achieving top SEO rankings within the search engines you are building trust for your brand.

Pro-3 SEO Is Cost-Effective

Most SEO services are not cheap, and it might even take a long time before you generate results.


However, SEO is one of the most cost-effective ways to boost your online presence compared to other digital marketing strategies.

SEO is a lot less costly compared to outbound marketing strategies, such as cold calling and print ads, where you could spend a lot of money without making any leads or profits.

PRO-4 SEO return on investment

On the face of its SEO services may be expensive though if you dig a little deeper you will soon see no other digital marketing strategies offer such returns for your marketing budget.

SEO Cons

Cons-1 Highly competitive

All your competitors want what you want customers, and depending on your niche it could be fierce! always prepare the best you can to outrank the competition, SEO strategies always work best when properly planned. 

Con-2 Digital marketing is moving fast

This has been the case for a number of years now you may find a better path to success utilizing a SEO company in the UK to keep you competitive in your niche.

With digital marketing moving faster every single year outsourcing SEO services would be a good move. 

Con-3 Time consuming

There is no getting away with how time-consuming SEO is and you need to be prepared to put in the work in keyword, research competitor research, testing and back testing.

This is where a solid SEO framework comes in enabling you to undertake the correct SEO strategies. 

PPC Advertising: Pros and Cons

Pro-1 Reach Your Target Audience

Thanks to Google Ads, you can personalize your PPC advertising campaign to reach your target audience on Google Search.

You can target a specific group of people based on their interests and demographics.

Pro-2 Better personalization

The personalization on Google Ads has made PPC Advertising campaigns on Google search far more cost effective meaning greater returns on your investment.

Pro-3 PPC Data

The data now is immense, bringing whole new efficacies for your paid ads (PPC advertising) than ever before so far, less blanketing of geographic and demographically with your advertising budgets.

Pro-4 fastest route to market to Quickly Boost Sales

PPC advertising offers business one of the fastest routes to markets there is and many even if at the top of SERPS may still employ to use PPC to be in both positions at the top of the fold in search engine results.

PPC advertising can help you boost sales more quickly than SEO.

Try combining your PPC advertising efforts with SEO services to get the best results.

Con-1 PPC is expensive

There is no getting away from the fact that PPC costs are very high, especially if you do a side-by-side cost analysis to SEO.

You need to ensure you keep up proper due diligence in a PPC campaign so cost do not go over budget & harm your R.O.I.

Con-2 Malicious clicks

This is something every business is now aware of, competitors willingly sabotaging your PPC campaigns.

The industry is aware of this and there is software on the market to combat this issue.

Do not think just because a potential customer has clicked on your PPC ad it will result in a sale no your numbers and what % your website should be converting at. 

Con-3 Knowledge

A fact of life with anyone’s line of work, PPC advertising campaigns are tricky to say the least and if you get it wrong you will have burned through your marketing budget.

Engage with a digital marketing agency in the UK to get the best results you can.

SEO Vs PPC conclusion

So now you are armed with more facts before you decide on which strategy is needed for your marketing campaign.

Prepare a plan if you are launching a new product a PPC campaign + Social etc. Will be ideally suited to your needs. If you are looking for a long-term solution SEO is the way to go with an average industry return on SEO services for every £1 spent for Legal services industry is 8.3% for SEO and 2% for PPC.

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