• So, what is guest blogging?  
  • How to start guest post blogging? 
  • Best practices for reaching out to get a guest post published? 



    How can you guest post  

Seo2ranking guide to guest blogging will show you top people within the industry, tips on what to do & not do.  

A few places also for where to look for those all-important opportunities. 

A guest post is writing for someone else’s blog/company website who is established within their chosen field. 

It is an amazing way to enhance your reputation within your respected field of work & an added benefit, it will drive targeted traffic to your own website if your research was done correct, you will be writing for you target audience.  

So, if you have experience you will know your niche and where your writing strengths and weakness lay. 

If you are just starting out writing you need to dial in your niche and practice writing + best SEO practices etc.  

Once you feel ready to reach out to offer a guest post I think there are two strategies that work best!  


  Guest post blogging strategy 


Firstly, go big or go home if you believe you have knock out content that readers love, find your target for who you want to guest post for & see where the content gap is in their material or maybe you have spotted something that you know you can improve, write it & reach out.  

If it is new content be sure to attach your ownership & communicate that you are looking for a guest post blogging chance & not white label content work.  

We provide white label content & do not charge extra for the privilege though that is not what guest blogging is for or about. 

You need to actually have something to say regarding the industry you are in, if going with this first strategy you are already experienced enough to know the ins and outs of the industry.  

You could be wanting to guest post for a variety of reasons such as, reaching out to a wider audience normally to get traffic in to that top funnel, whatever your goals great content is always needed and appreciated.   


Second strategy is to look for an up-and-coming business/blog, who you believe will do well in the niche you are aiming to write guest posts for. 

They will be swamped with work as all new business who are breaking out are, you can use this to your advantage.  

Same with the first tactic find the content gap within their online material or even a mistake.  

As new companies tend to be more concerned and like to rectify mistakes faster than large corporations, who quite frankly can have 100, s of thousands of website pages!   

Top tip if new do not waste your time or others with ill prepared work actually practice, build a website for instance if you have to.  

I built 5 websites while learning SEO & SEO Copy Writing! My First was rubbish, looking back am not sure what was worse the developer or my writing… second website also rubbish and so on.  

Get the feedback you need of peers, if getting your feedback from family and friends you will have to ensure it is a subject matter they are actually interested in, or the feedback is normally not as good or critical where needed, compared to people who are working within the area of expertise you want your writing career to be. 

Most sites will need Top funnel content I’ll give you a run through of the different aspects of what you should write for, at each stage of the content funnel further down the blog. 



Blogging is a crowded place try to stand out 


  • I Last read there was over seven billion blogs and counting, that is a hell of allot of online blogging material, though there is bound to be a churn eventually with content being archived for various business reasons. 


  • The world has always used a form of content marketing even before the mail order catalog in the early 1900, s Radio, T.V, Cable, running ads, moving then to social and now in 2021 there is a multitude of options for omni channel marketing efforts. 


  • Blogs now consist of the interactive side, from engaging with your readers through your comments sections, to being able to have video rite on your own website or a plethora of video platforms.  


  • With the interactive element to blogging now you can have material shared from LinkedIn, Twitter, Slack and so many more audiences via social platforms meaning, always make sure you promote your material, as the saying goes there is no point in having great content if no one can find it. 


  • The more you can publish quality content your authority grows within your industry; Google have added this to recent Google updates, so material is not faceless id assume? Check out my google ranking factors blog to get more of a run down on what author authorship actually is.  


  • Exposure to your published work, gets you noticed & will increase referral traffic if that is your aim, rite back to your website or get you that raise or even a new job you are hunting.  


  • Backlinks- great content gets linked to it really is that simple! Well easier said than done for sure, as you have to promote your material, ill repeat this a few times though do not spam people!  



          Six guest post tips 


  • Research and plan your outreach before you actually send anything even if you have cracking content. 


  • With research done and who you want to write for found, you can use the help of a free tool like Ahrefs backlink checker, SEMrush free plan, & many other free tools, which can guide you even more with opportunities, of content gaps you can write.  


  • If more experienced you may well have access to paid tools use them to your advantage.  


  • Do not be disappointed or disheartened with rejection rather than choose one target try lists with similar needs. 
  • Actually, introduce yourself to whom you are looking for this favor off, so nothing generic and darn no sob stories, remember not everything is equal in life.  
  • You will find someone where your level of writing is more than acceptable. When you do find someone to write for use it as experience to climb the ladder and get as good as you possible can for when that better opportunity comes along. 


Marketing funnel

   Understanding the marketing funnel  


As a writer for blogs, sales pages, website content, you will need to understand the marketing funnel here is a quick rundown that explains what you need to convey and at what stage.   


  • Bottom of the funnel content is a website sales pages usually referred to as your sales funnel, so for our Agency Seo2ranking our sales funnel is our services pages.  
  • Middle funnel content is where your top & bottom need to merge so you’re marketing and sales funnels work in tandem. 
  • Top of the Funnel content is hugely important to your content marketing strategy; this is where all companies first engage potential customers even Universite’s. It is here where you will build brand recognition & create that awareness for what it is you are promoting in an informational helpful manner.  
  • Top tip: it normally is the Top of the funnel content you will be writing a guest post for, so concentrate your efforts and research here for your ideal target you want to write for.  



        Who is the written content for? 

You need to know your audience you are writing for is it B2B?  

Or are you writing for a B2C audience?  

This has huge difference in the tone you will write in that is for sure. 

In a B2C setting you tone needs to be customer centric and address their needs, wants, desires, necessities & perceived problems. 

In a B2B setting you are writing for a different type of person within a company, from CEO, Founders, CFO, Product procurement managers etc.   

So, your tone should reflect this, as well as your writing should contain the finer details that will be important for the B2B audience who will be making the buying decision.  


   Can you run out of content to write? 

Well, this is most certainly for the more advanced writer, business owner & bloggers. 

Yes, you certainly can from a SEO stand point & your content marketing drive depending on maturity of business, niche and industry, 

Yes, it would be difficult though everything has a glass ceiling. 

So, what do you do if you are at this stage?  

Deletion in the worst-case scenario, causes would be from keyword cannibalization, duplication of content.  

Normally de-indexing of low value, low traffic website pages, that are of less relevance to your money pages i.e., Suffices and when implemented correctly will see an upturn with more targeted traffic for mature websites.  



Well before we sign off on a conclusion let’s take a look at some people within the industry that I learned from & have the T-Shirt so to speak.   

We will start with the darn obvious here, it is almost like stating it always rains in Ireland or England!   

Neil Patel is their anyone who gets more traffic within this sphere?  

I will come back to Mr. N Patel later heck he gets 10,000, s of thousands of lines written about him…. Could probably add some zeroes. 

Were allot of younger people love to learn of video I still learn best when I read it soaks in far greater for me!  

I still even write notes in little black books to write up in word.  

Four years ago, I could not even use Word! yes you read that correct.  

I come from an old school sales background & never bothered beyond the basics with computers until 4 years ago, apart from being on Facebook and watching sports & movies like millions of others. 

So, when I started my journey, it was originally to learn the all-encompassing Digital Marketing, now there is a term that is so broad when you actually try to dive in Wow minefield. 

Luckily, I quickly found what I wanted to hone my skills in so set about reading everything & I mean everything.  

I had closed a sales & marketing business around 2017-2018 heading back up to Ulster with my tail between my legs thinking & knowing I needed a change of career.    


SEO blogger

Brian Dean  

We are going to start with an SEO & Blog writing expert within the field and someone who I learned tons off and the material was all free.  

Heck he was the king of free SEO & none other than Brian Dean of backlinko he arguably has provided the world of blogging & SEO with one of the best learning resources on the planet.  

Without him & others like him, I quite simply would not have got my head around such a huge subject matter not a chance. 

Brian Dean as a resource is just awesome seriously a one stop shop, he eats breathes and probably dreams about SEO.  

You can check his site out SEO Training and Link Building Strategies – Backlinko, it has actually been quite a while since I have been on it and now, I have written this will head over & check out what he has been up to. 


SEO Professional

Ryan Stewart 

Blueprint Training – ( 


Second on my journey of learning is not a blog writer though you need your content writing to be SEO friendly for sure.  

I found Ryan Stewart online in 2018 a video in his kitchen on YouTube the world has changed for sure! and from there he and his partner David Krevitt have taken the Blueprint training from strength to strength. 

Webris is his Agency the Blueprint training is actually almost like a CRM system for SEO Agencies almost a plug and play which looks awesome, it is made inside Google sheets & Docs, and comes with full training so you can on-board staff quick & seamlessly and manage your Agency work flow in the system. 

I have wondered since I have seen it could it be rolled out to other industries? Are they planning something else?  

It is that feking awesome Neil Patel bought it, yep you read correct, I am not sure if anyone is making bigger waves in SEO than this team, they could arguably go on to build the biggest SEO Agency in the world, more than possible.  


No, I am not an affiliate; I can see all you affiliate guys and gals reading this saying where is your affiliate declaration ha ha. 

The blueprint team now has tons of video content which gives new and even established Agencies a glimpse in to what works so well for this top tier SEO team. 


Digital Marketing Expert

Neil Patel  

NP digital  

So last but no means least that is for sure is Neil Patel at first, I was not so sure he is everywhere but heck he knows Social, SEO the whole nine yards.  

Not many can be an expert in nearly all of things Digital Marketing, not only is he so proficient at multiple Digital strategies, Neil excels in his sphere of work arguably one of the best in the world.  

He has done a ton of videos for anyone in the world who understand English fluently to be able to embark on a Career in SEO or Social Media Marketing, his material is that good.  

For me I have loved reading his tons & tons of blogs which have been a massive go to for sure, and is amazing to peer in to how Neil goes about delivering such strong results. 

Without these three people I very much doubt I would have anywhere near the knowledge I have picked up. 

So, you should dig in to their resources if you are serious about blogging or SEO Copy writing.  

There is literary 100, s if not 1000, s of people across the world who have learned Digital Marketing of Neil Patel’s work as an example, same goes for the others mentioned whether that be social media, Technical SEO you name it.  


Some more people I follow from the SEO & blogging/SEO Copy writing to help me keep up with the ever-changing landscape that is the SEO world.  

You should check them out as every little bit helps when you are starting out for sure, find the right fit for you to learn from. 

They all produce tons of great advice through their martial online.  


Research industry

Steve Toth 

Steve Toth has had great success at FreshBooks, someone I have followed for a number of years, who two years ago launched Seo notebook, full disclosure I have not signed up with how busy I have been but will check it out for sure.  

Steve is now on podcasts and a bit more out there as he was in the past, I had only actually found two videos of his in my early years of learning.  

One a panel talk from York Uni & another from his Wyse Agency days.  


Barry Schwartz 

Barry Schwartz of search engine round table is someone who is not new on my radar but someone who I now read more and more from, as he is the one stop shop Google everything you need to know same with Bing & Yahoo. 

Let’s face it keeping up with everything Google is a mammoth task, so having Barry Schwartz site cover it all in one place is a great resource for SEO people, writers and website owners in general.  

One thing I would say slow down talking on video Barry as a super-fast talker myself, I know when speaking with nonnative English speakers they struggle with quick speakers.  

You can also catch Barry on YouTube as well am (why I say slow down as his understanding here seems far greater than most, sure without even checking, his traffic on his site will be huge compared to his YT channel, though am also sure that will explode as he is providing a great resource on all things search engine related, arguably one the best places on the internet.  


Jessica Foster 

Full disclosure I am not long finding Jessica’s work on YouTube Video after reading a piece on SEJ a SEO Copy writer who is very active on social and a writer any young aspiring blogger should keep an eye on. 

Jessica has her own Agency called keysandcopy which offers Professional SEO Copywriting & Content Writing Services, funny only before I was to publish this had a noisy on her website, practice what you preach so to speak!  

Jessica has written for FreshBooks who have been lucky to have Steve Toth on SEO.  

Jessica Foster has also landed a gig with a worldwide Agency.  

This is an SEO Copy writer who is writing for great firms, so this goes to show if you are looking to get to this level of writing.  

Jessica will be a great professional to follow, to help you learn in your blogging journey and up your game.  


Once established you can then start to look to places here on this list, though make sure at this stage you are dialed in with writing for your niche & are ready to push on up the ladder. 

  • Pitch box 
  • Moz 
  • SEMrush 
  • Blob/HubSpot 
  • Blogging wizard 
  • AWR 
  • Single Grain  
  • On Crawl  
  • Buzz sumo  

You can see the power of Guest blogging just in this list alone, these companies would not waste their time if it was not a massive boost to top funnel engagement with tons more doing the same as well, I could have written an endless list.  


Blogging & social engagement fits like a pair of gloves and is what the consumer expects from companies, those that do this best excel far greater than their competition.  




Well, we will wrap up the piece here, I hope you enjoyed the read you can also checkout my own blogs to get plenty of tips on SEO, SEO Copy writing, WordPress, and many other things Digital. 



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