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There are over 5000 Shopify Plus stores currently, approximately there are now over 1,000,000 businesses in 175 different countries by Shopify merchants.

Which is staggering avail of our Shopify SEO expert services to make sure you store in Shopify is fully optimized to stay ahead of the competition.

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SEO For Shopify

We specialize in showing you how SEO can help grow your brand through placing key content that resonates with the public right where they’re looking to make a purchase decision. We create modern intros for your Shopify Store so that when people land on your page, they’ll be wanting to purchase.

Fully managed SEO services by Shopify SEO Experts, powered by a London-based SEO team of professionals.

Our Shopify SEO Services

Not getting enough visitors to your Shopify store? Whether your store is brand new or established, our Shopify SEO expert services will create a bespoke strategy that is tailored to your business goals.

Shopify SEO Campaign

Shopify SEO is essential for getting found and converting traffic. Shopify SEO helps your shop rank higher in search results and find more buyers. Start a Shopify SEO campaign today.

Shopify Audit

Our Shopify Audit includes in-depth analysis of your Shopify store to:

  • Save you time and money by showing inefficiencies and inefficiency
  • Offer recommendations to improve your business
  • Provide valuable resources to grow your store.

Shopify Analytics

Shopify Analytics gives a full view of metrics about Shopify store activity in real-time.

Shopify SEO Service FAQs

You can do SEO on Shopify if you enable the option.

Yes, you can improve your Shopify SEO with

You can add SEO to your Shopify by creating a title in your shop page. You can also add search engine friendly content and a description in the short product description.

Shopify is not a bad choice for SEO. Since Shopify allows users to set up their own stores, they will be able to customize the content on their own stores. This is a good thing for SEO because it allows the user to maximize their SEO efforts.

Shopify is a popular ecommerce platform with a healthy community of developers and users behind it. Taking the time to learn what SEO techniques are most effective for Shopify and applying them across your store will definitely help you to improve your Shopify SEO.