Technical seo

Technical SEO Services

As a Technical SEO company, we know all the ins and outs of Technical SEO, and the results of technical SEO work are clearly visible.

Being one of the most important parts of an online business, search engine optimization is a competitive field.

Our Technical SEO consultants will ensure your site has no issues.

Technical SEO Services

Our Technical SEO experts will conduct thorough Audits and unearth any Technical SEO issues within your HTML and will ensure your alt text, schema markup, breadcrumbs are not holding your website back.

This is because the entire purpose of running a website for your business is to get people to find your site & look at it, and the best way to get the attention of someone who is browsing on the search engines.

Is to make your website show up at the top of the search results and technical SEO is a critical component of accomplishing this.

technical seo

Technical SEO best practices?

Start with a complete and thorough technical SEO audit, our technical SEO consultants always work from SEO best practices. Which is important as technical SEO is not On-Page SEO and slightly more complicated.

A well planned out website structure of your website will make it fast loading and easy to navigate.

These details will help your websites customers and search engines alike making your site easier to index.

Technical SEO Tasks

Core update/sandbox

Have you been placed in the dreaded sandbox? Did you feel like your website got a Google penalty in a core update or maybe for Blackhat SEO? We can help work out what has gone wrong and get you back on the right track.

Website Migrations

Website migrations must be undertaken by an SEO expert as you can lose your ranking position in the SERPS if not done correctly. We will plan your website migration with precession planning to ensure the migration runs smoothly.

Technical SEO Audit

We conduct full analytical Technical SEO audits and have the knowledge of how to implement all technical SEO issues your site may be facing and you are not alone with over 60% of the internet’s websites having major technical SEO issues hampering their online success.

Core Web Vitals

Something people seem to miss is they say Google will not rank us if we are not fast!

This is not the way to look at it; Google are acting on user searches behavior: customers in 2022 expect fairly fast loading websites & the majority of the internet users in most geographical locations & business verticals now are browsing the internet reading, purchasing etc. on mobile devices.

Website Structure

A great website structure lends itself to great SEO! Always start anything you build with a sound foundation.

Technical SEO Service FAQs

On-Page SEO is Title tags, Meta descriptions, On-Page optimization of content among other things, Technical SEO is URLs, error pages, core web vitals, website structure, website migrations and a lot more!

Seo 2 Ranking has the team to tackle all technical SEO and On-Page SEO requirements.

You may need more than just a standard XML site map; sometimes they drop you renew it, but now you have two site maps!

You could be having trouble with 301 redirects, 404s you name it there are a multitude of technical Seo issues your website could be facing.

Technical SEO services can range from your site needing core web vitals improved so a reduction in unused java script, minify CSS, fixing Erros and, identifying bloated code and so much more. 

Seo 2 Ranking technical Seo agency provide technical Seo for all CMS platforms from WordPress, Wix, Shopify and much more.

Technical SEO is a subset of SEO that specifically focuses on improving your website’s technical performance to ensure that Google and other search engines can crawl, index and understand your content, and is just as important as your on-page SEO.

Technical SEO is important for a website’s performance in search engine rankings. Technical SEO is a practice of ensuring search engines can properly index a website, and the content of a website is easily found by search engines.

Use the Google Search Console to submit your site for indexing. You can verify whether your site is indexed with Fetch as Google tool. You can also submit your sitemap to the Google Search Console to help Google discover and index your site. The Sitemap Generator is helpful in creating an XML sitemap for your site. Most SEO tools can create your site map rite inside the back end of your CMS system.