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Our Process

Thoughtful WordPress Design

We are a WordPress Agency in London who provide world leading website design and development services.

We can help you build one of the more highly flexible user-friendly sites because our team has unmatched expertise when it comes to theme development and custom-built websites. 

Our Web Designers in the UK will set about Creating and developing a stunning user-interface and offering a top-notch user experience is usually at the very core of our development processes.  


WordPress development services

Our rigorous internal control process for quality assurance includes full security checks, loading times, overall functionality of your site and fully back tested.   

We ensure your website is user-friendly at all time.  

We offer design, development, WordPress API integration and WordPress Maintenance support & hosting 


WordPress API plugin integration

We provide our clients with API WordPress plugin integration expertise, team, infrastructure, and management to quickly create both large-scale and custom-tailored web projects.  

Our team is proficient with all aspects of the web development lifecycle.  

We are able to design, develop, test, deploy, maintain, and optimize any network, platform, or website. 

Landing Page Design

Web developers are always in search of the most effective ways to generate leads for their clients.  

Landing pages are one of the most effective tools in any developer’s arsenal, but most don’t know how to create them.  

Are you looking for a way to get more clients? 

Get our team to build your landing page funnel for your business.  

Website SEO Leaders

Web Design to capture the imagination

Take this opportunity and never miss out the amazing benefits to your site by having your website audited by our leading London Web Design company seo2ranking. 

We offer an in-depth WordPress maintenance service including code review, feature & functionality checking, extension, and lots more.  

We ensure to keep your website highly functional and the least down time you could possibly imagine. 

We’ll review your site, give you a detailed report and also give recommendations which will give you a little peek in to our amazing bespoke SEO Website services. 


Appealing layout

Our website layouts are sleek, minimalistic, trendy yet highly appealing 

This evokes a positive impression within the users’ mind and enables them to simply grasp the content without straining their eyes. 

Dynamic Functionalities

Leveraging the complete potential of PHP, JavaScript, CSS and 3rd party APIs, we will create interactive and interesting dynamic web applications.  

Our custom sites can include picture album & video gallery, CTA buttons, search bar, micro-interactions, and far more.

Excellent UI / UX

Every engaging website may be a combination of an out-of-the-box UI design and excellent technical functionalities.  

All our websites combine the duo to drive an outstanding UX. 

Website Design & Development


It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to design and build a website. This time relies heavily on the amount of work that needs to be done and the scope of the project. 

Yes, WordPress is SEO friendly. As a content management system, WordPress offers you a wide variety of ways to customize your website to meet search engine standards. 

The average cost to build a website on WordPress is between £100-300 per page approximately with SEO and Content written with SEO Optimization for the higher price. You can get a site much cheaper on the freelance sites with 1000, s of errors etc., . 


WordPress is known as a free, paid and open-source platform for building any website. It is widely used as a blogging tool. It is easy to use as a CMS.  

If you want to build a website then you can use various themes and plugins to customize the website. Moreover, it can also be used for eCommerce website development. On the other hand, Wix has a free and paid version. Wix has a number of themes and templates that you can use for free. Wix allows you to create a fully functional website with no coding, though is limited in SEO and just slow and very buggy. 

WordPress is better than Wix for SEO. The main thing is to make a site according to the SEO rules and use plugins for plug-in and for SEO.  

If you are using a right theme for SEO and you are doing SEO work perfectly then you will get good position in Google search engine. 

Wix just has limitations and after their weird ad one would wonder if they are in trouble even! One to keep an eye on.