Pros & Cons of WordPress    

So, what is WordPress? we know not too many people in the world would not know at this stage for those that do not. WP is the biggest website builder and CMS system the world over, with the nearest competitor having a market share of only 3% which is Joomla.  

WP is now over 40% for websites & 40% market share for CMS and in part is due to its flexibility, which is clearly demonstrated by the long list of end user cases from startups to the biggest companies in the world. 

By this time next year, the number of websites may top half a billion which is staggering.  

It is common knowledge that WordPress CMS is the biggest in the world for companies’ bloggers and even personal bios.  

Well, run through the pros & cons of WordPress, and lay out reasons why we clearly feel it is one the best choices for most businesses.  

Pros of choosing WordPress 

CMS Friendly-  

WordPress advantage is they began with the sole intention of being blog based CMS this make it awesome for content distribution.  

With google placing a far greater emphasis on quality of content having such a great system that is easy to publish really helps with your content strategy. 



Now surmounting 55 thousand and counting of paid and free plugins, there is a plugin for every single job within WordPress plugin directory. 

This is the huge advantage not hinderance as the WP community advance this side of WP at an amazing rate.  

Many get confused here & seem to think plugins are a hinderance, which seem strange as that is how software works in conjunction with over software!  


Open source: 

This is a goldmine with open-source software and the WP community behind it means you can scale at speed.  

Share code on projects with other WordPress developers to gain invaluable insights, with the WP community so large you will never be stuck with a problem whatever it may be.  



We know what we are talking about here, the darling of yesteryear here was Yoast, & it still is good though many developers & SEOs have unplugged recently maybe the biggest unplug in WordPress history?  

From Meta tags to H1 there are tons of SEO plugins to do the job, here at Seo2Ranking we would recommend Rank Math it has a great free version and paid versions.  

The price for one thing & it also feels a better tool to use than Yoast, which is good though Rank Math just tops in quality,  

Add in it is cheaper than Yoast, making it now a go to SEO tool for many SEOs using WordPress. 

With Rank Math you will be able to fully optimize your website no problem.  



Google has now placed more emphasis on mobile and speed optimization.  

WordPress themes of years gone by where very bloated, now as an example Kadance’s free theme is arguably better than allot of other options as a whole think about that for a minute.  

UX is now at the very top end with WordPress developers all over are concentrated on mobile, which is hugely important in the mobile phone era. 

Desktop still king for some segments? Some industries traffic still can account for 70-80%  

So, ensure both mobile & desktop have UX at the forefront of your plans for your website. 



The options are endless with some real huge strides in recent years.  

Everyone knows if you own an ecommerce store online you need to update content regularly & with WordPress this Is a breeze. 

WooCommerce is easy to set up with multiple themes and you can easily add new features as your site grows. 

The code

Cons of choosing WordPress 


With the largest number of websites on the internet WordPress gets its fair share of hackers that is for sure.  

That said no more or less a % than say Wix or Shopify, here is the thing if you put the correct security measures in place this will not be a problem. 

This goes for any CMS, Web builder you are using do not put of making your website secure as attack bots aim cyber-attacks every second of the day in crazy numbers!   

I read an article the other day that said even with security in place WP still gets hacked!  

That is clickbait writing at its best or someone who knows nothing about website security to say the least.  

From Wix to Shopify to WordPress with the correct security in place they catch these attacks and good developers, know what tools to use within the systems they work so heed their advice.  


All software needs updated & I mean all or it becomes obsolete and this is no different with WordPress.  

You do need a WordPress developer for this as sometimes new updates my actually break rather than improve your site. 


if your developer set everything up correct and you have worked with your site for a while & keep up to date to see if certain updates are OK. 

You should be OK to push update yourself,  

for large sites regular updates are required and should be carried out by developers. 

If you are uncomfortable with using the back end of a website and you are happy with your website design, get them to regularly update your site for you. 


Again, you do need a WP developer this is not say everything is difficult as there are many builders where no code is needed, though WordPress Org is highly flexible in this day and age.  

With many stunning examples in any given category of business with the experienced developer able create a wide range visual end look. 


Older WP sites was slow then the whole internet was.  

Some of the older themes are harder to get real  top speed optimization, so check carefully that the theme you are building on to make sure it matches your requirements.  

Though as an example the free Kadance theme is generally faster than other expensive options out there. 


WordPress is not for beginners is easier to use same with Wix so if you are Beginner in building d.i.y. websites you may want to start with one these simpler website builders though remember they come with limitations in SEO and customization.  



As you can see every system has limitations and their pros & cons if you are new start strapped for cash and you’re trying for yourself maybe go with a simple web page builder.  

If you want more freedom and to be part of not only the biggest but the best web community in the world then is the way to go for sure. 

It is far less buggy than say Wix as an example, it is better for SEO than nearly all of the other options you have, unless you are going with a custom wire frame website etc.  

It will be a learning curve for sure, WP will only keep getting better as each year passes with so many talented developers the world over pushing the boundaries each and every day. 


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